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Are You Missing Your MOM?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

It appears with the turn of a new decade, systems which were thought to be commonplace have actually only really been exploited by a few 'enlightened' companies.

As the year 2020 unfolds, the number of businesses that are realizing that they do not actually understand their processes or do not have a handle on the factors that are causing instances of excessive downtime or poor quality is becoming understood; and it's amazingly high! In fact, if you do not have a Manufacturing Operations Management solution (MOM) in place, you are in the majority so don't panic.

Digitization of business is a current hot topic with digital processes and automation being virtually essential to remain competitive. Yet, how can a company have an effective digitization strategy if it doesn't understand where its time, labor or raw materials are being wasted? Digitizing a poor process is not really going to help!

MOMs solutions are not simply OEE tools, although that is a simple deployment, a fully functioning MOM platform can manage all aspects of a factory from Input materials right through to Shipments and all touchpoints in between. Integration is critical for such a platform, the ability to link to and pass data to/from other systems is vital. Imagine your company where the boundaries between ERP, WMS, QMS, Factory PLCs, PM and numerous other systems are gone because your MOM has them in its arms.

A MOM can be likened to the Conductor of an orchestra. Individual instruments play well alone, but they are majestic when controlled by the Conductor!

Xyntek, through its partnership with Parsec, offers the TrakSYS solution, the world's most agile, flexible, extensible Manufacturing Operations Management platform. With a library of configurable features that conform to the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) standard architecture, TrakSYS allows you to deploy manufacturing operations management solutions quickly and cost-effectively. The built-in features and functions of TrakSYS can be used to build solutions for virtually any challenge — from OEE and SPC, to E-Records, Traceability, Workflow, Scheduling and much more.

A system capable of monitoring downtime and capturing process insights can be deployed in a matter of days to a single line and a few weeks to an entire factory.

If you want to learn more about how Xyntek can truly get the most out of your factory, reach out to us at

Ian Parsonage

Senior Director, Xyntek Inc

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